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Edgar Allan Poe Awards

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Edgar Allan Poe Awards

Table of Contents
  1. Background to the Award.
  2. Award Winners.
  3. Resources.

I.  Background to the Award.


Presented by the Mystery Writers of America, the Edgar Allan Poe awards have been recognizing the best suspense, crime, intrigue, and mystery works since 1946 (Mystery Writers of America, Judging Process). This very first award was Julius Fast's Watchful at Night. The 2008 awards will be presented at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in New York City on May 1st. Winners will receive a statuette of Edgar Allan Poe. The statuette to the right is the first Edgar award that was presented. It is currently housed at Cornell University. Books, short stories, television, and films are eligible to be nominated for the awards. These works must have been published for the first time during the current award year. Books that were published outside of the United States may be considered. These particular books must have been widely distributed in the United States though ((Mystery Writers of America, More Info). There are currently 11 different categories to judge.  The categories are the following: best novel, best first novel, best paperback original, best critical/biographical, best fact crime, best short story, best young adult, best juvenile, best play, best television episode teleplay, and best motion picture screenplay. Judging these awards takes dedication by the 68 different judges that are selected each year. To learn more about the intense judging process for the Edgars, please visit the Mystery Writers of America website. Unfortunately, the Mystery Writers of America do not keep a running list of previous Edgar winners. Research on past winners has brought forth some inadequate information. Due to this fact, the following list only represents Best novel winners since 1954. This list has been retrieved from Powell's Books.



II.  Award Winners.

























  • Award:












































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  • Award:







































 (List has been adapted from Powell's Books, Edgar Award Winners).



 III.  Resources.


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